Benalla Affairs: the complete timeline to understand everything

How not to get lost in the whirlwind of business around Alexandre Benalla? More than two years after the violence of May 1, 2018, the starting point of the scandal, revelations are raining down on Emmanuel Macron's former “security man”, opening new chapters in a series with many twists and turns.the prosecution requested on September 4 the referral to trial of Alexandre Benalla for the illicit use of his diplomatic passports.

Chapter 1: The violence of May 1st

Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase meet during a military preparation for the gendarmerie.

They become friends, and their professional careers intersect on several occasions.

Before the case broke

Alexandre Benalla is in charge of security at the Elysee Palace, his official title: Deputy to the Chief of Staff.

Vincent Crase is in charge of security within La République en Marche and carries out ad hoc missions for the Elysée.

Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase accompany the police during the May Day demonstrations in Paris as observers.Problem: the first wears a police armband, the second a weapon.

On the Place de la Contrescarpe, they violently question two demonstrators: Georgios D.and Chloé P.The two young people are taken to the police premises, then released.

For these facts, Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase were indicted for violence in meetings and interference in the exercise of a public function.To this is added the prohibited wearing of a police armband for the first, and d 'a weapon for the second.

Georgios D.and Chloé P.were found guilty on February 8, 2019, of throwing projectiles at the police before their muscular arrest, and were fined 500 euros each.

Posted Date: 2020-10-04

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